Golden Troops Shall Live On Forever!

Jerry: Are you guys just going to sit here and do nothing? Schedule something for gods sakes.

To replace Jerry’s spot as leader, we will have a vote. The people who will be able to take over this leader position are Octavian123, Wiggle Nn, Juneau2, Houndy and Wenny. One of these will take over his position, and one will be temp. leader while sai is inactive.


Its a sad thing when a leader retires. But this is not the end, just a new beginning. Some changes will be brought to this site, including some government changes (soldiers will be able to have a say in the government), site changes (new graphics for the site), New wars (a fun thing to do that causes a major boost in the Golden Troops size).

Guys, war is part of us. It runs through our veins. We  were the Golden Troops, We are the Golden Troops, & we will forever be known as the Golden Troops.

We may have dropped out of this war, but thats because we have some new plans. Plans our soldiers will love. We have this new crazy idea. One that will be fun and show our size. Remember soldiers, We are the Golden Troops. And as long as Riotors is one of the leaders, the fun here will never stop. Now is when we are at our highest. Now is when we rise above all others and conquer the incredible task of becoming the Number 1 army in Club Penguin. This is where we dig down, this is where we rise fast, THIS IS WHERE WE UNLEASH HELL!


Edit: Golden Troops have backed out of the war due to leadership issues and some iw problems. Iw threatened to declare war on us and Nachos and Acp said that if iw do that, they have our back. Theirfore this war is now over for the golden troops for right now.

The Golden Troops have recently had some leadership issues. This is not the end.

Everything in the Golden Troops is EXACTLY the same as it was before. This is merely a new beginning. The only, and I mean ONLY diffence is that Jerry chose to retire. This is his decision and now ours. We have all the same leaders as we have had.

Now time for an active count. Im expecting even more than we had last time by like 20+ troops. Now guys. Make sure you sign the active count




Do you promise to remain loyal:

Thats all there is too it. Remember guys, Golden Troops shall live on forever.



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