Leader Poll! (3 speeches now added)

Edit: Incase of,



Ganger and shadowhero go see Rio on chat!!

Due to Cheating on Oct’s side, Wiggle is declared the winner.

Riotors update: Jerry first of all im glad to have you back, even if it is as an advisor you doing a great job helping this army. Also thanks for figuring that out. I looked over the comments and noticed the same thing. I also noticed though from my wrote down comments (used to make finding the winner and finding cheaters easier) that wiggle was the actual winner of the contest. Sorry Oct. But unfortunately, even if Oct did win he would be disqualified due to cheating on his side. The final score is ABOUT wiggle- 27, oct-25. Congrats guys.

Jerry here, your new advisor. After checking the comments, I came to find that Wiggle won. Fair and square right? Then, after leaving for 2 hours and coming back, i find troops saying “Oct won” I recheck the votes and I find this: Some comments were edited and changed in favor for Oct. Do not trust this election, it is under investigation by the Golden Troops Federal Law Enforcement.

Riotors Update: (IMPORTANT FOR LEADERS): Yes the poll ends at 7:00 Est. We will still accept late comments until 7:30 for soldiers making last minute decisions. All comments after 7:30 will not be counted.

Now the new leader WILL NOT be announced until FRIDAY (tomorrow) This is important for all leaders to know. Riotors will announce the new leader so that I can make sure all the voting is fair, nobody double voted (ill check the ip-adresses), etc.

UPDATE #2: Oct, I see that you have recruited some soldiers to add to your campaign. Make sure they comment on the Active Count before it ends, so they are counted as a GT soldier. Thanks.

UPDATE: The Leader Poll is ending TONIGHT(WEDNESDAY) at 7:00 PM EST, which is also known as 12:00 UK. I’m going to continue checking for any cheating or any thing else. So far, Oct is winning with 25 votes. The follower is Wiggle Nn, with 16 votes. The votes will hopefully change and this is at a certain point. Good luck to everyone!

Jerry: If you care, my retirement post. Scroll down.

Make sure to sign the active count. Click HERE





It’s what you’ve all been waiting for… the Golden Troops Leader Poll! I will tell you the following who can run. These soldiers and possibly soon-to-be leaders will have to make a speech. The speech will be added later on in the vote.


  • Octavian123 – 27 votes
  • Wiggle Nn – 24 votes
  • Houndy – 0 votes
  • Matt/Juneau2 – 3 votes
  • Wenny- 2 votes

To vote, you MUST be in the Golden Troops of Club Penguin. If you want to go and advertise for people to vote for you, you better get them to join GT or the votes will not be accepted. Please comment with the following to vote for the new Golden Troops Leader!

  1. GT Rank
  2. How Active
  3. What’s  your vote?

After giving this information, you have voted on the new Golden Troops Leader!

Note: You cannot vote for two people, unfortunately.

~Rise of the Golden Troops~

War is near,



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