Octavian123’s Leader Speech

Hello friends, Octavian123 here. I am not very good at speeches, but I hope you will like my leader spot speech and I also hope that you will vote for the Rise Of Golden Troops:


GT, first of all you need to know that I am a very organized and experienced guy. When I say organized I mean all what I want to do, I do it. I break the impossible barrier sometimes. This is an exemple with what I did with Cp SWAT Army. You may heard of it and yes, I was it’s leader. I recruited 8 hours a day and in 5 days Cp SWAT averraged 20+ at battles. It was a very good goal and a big rise. It impressed me. After this I closed the Cp SWAT because I have joined GT, and I wouldn’t have enough time for both. I dedicated myself all to GT. When I say I am experienced, I would like to give some general information about me. My first penguin was called Noembrie. It had 1200 days when I left him; he was almost a Beta Tester. Today it may have 1600 days, maybe. After Noembrie I created a penguin called Octavian123 which I purchased membership for him. I joined CP Armies like 2 years ago and I am very experienced. It would be too hard to tell you all the armies where I have been. They are like 30. As I said, I were in lots of armies…I learned alot about Cp and Cp Warfare from them. I know almost all the possible skills that an army could use in a war. You know, standing so much in Cp Armies Warfare, I learned how to lead excellent an army.

Ok, that’s enought with my history, now I will tell you why I wish to be a Golden Troops Leader. As I already said, I have alot of experience and I know lots of tactics. It will be sad if I don’t put all my work since I joined Cp in an army. If I don’t all my experience will die when I will quit Club Penguin. I want to make this army the 1st army in Club Penguin which will never loose it’s spot. No one will beat the Golden Troops. You will ask me “Why I didn’t want to be the SWAT Leader, and I wanted to be the Golden Troops one?”. My answer is that here I work with excellent people like Ganger, Riotors, Skloop and others; and in SWAT I couldn’t. I can’t rise an army, without some great soldiers and great leaders next to me. Here, I have it. You, the soldiers are very loyal and the leaders are experienced. I want to rise this army, I want it to be the Number 1 Club Penguin Army Forever. Belive me, I can do this.

~Octavian123, War Master, Golden Troops Co-Leader~


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