The Truth About Elections

Here is The Thruth About the leader Elections:

Reasons why ”I lost”:


1.Edited Comments

You just can’t belive that I recruited so much; Oh but I am not surprised, you don’t know how to recruit -.- .If you don’t belive that I recruited so much in just one day, then how can you explain that in 5 days I had 25 soldiers at a war in my army that was shutted down, SWAT? What did I do? I edited their penguins on CP, no? That is with the comments too, I edited all the comments while yesterday I was Sick. I had temperature. Then I edited the xat accounts too so they told they voted me because I am awesome. So I had 27 computers in my 3 rooms appartement. 9 in kitchen, 9 in bedroom and 9 in living room. In kitchen I have like this: 3 in fridge, 3 on the table and 3 on the floor. In the bedroom: 6 on the bed and 3 on the floor and in the living room: 6 on the chairs and 3 on the small table there. So, I could speak with 27 computers on! I were in the same time at 27 computers speaking fast! -.-

Conclusion: I didn’t edit any comment.

2. Double Comments

So I am responsable for what did a FOOL, comment 2 times for me. I am their mother. -.- .If a FOOL commented 2 times, then I am disqualified. This is a great rule, too!

Conclusion: I am not responsable for what did a FOOL, I am not his/her mother.

3. Comments from the same computer

Another thing is that you’ve saw that comments with the same IP. Great thing! So my friends-neighbours that are connected in the same network as me CAN NOT vote. Congratulations, this is a great rule too!

Conclusion: My friends-neighbours commented on the Leader Election, I didn’t stay to make CP accounts and different language and personality of someone. I am not that stupid.


Now I will tell you why the leaders have invented those reasons. Because their precious Wiggle was in the Elections too! How could I won when Wiggle is in the elections? No, I couldn’t. The BFF of the leaders every time wins. And the leaders saw that I have too many votes! There were only two hours until the close of the poll. Hmm Wiggle couldn’t earn 9 votes in 2 hours so What did the leaders decided to do? I tell you, the leaders said that I WAS CHEATING because Wiggle needed to win.

Also the leaders removed me from Edithor position too, so I couldn’t edit to tell the thruth. Also I attempt that they will delete this post, so people CAN NOT hear the thruth about elections. Also I attempt that they will fire/demote me and they will ban me forever on chat.

FINAL CONCLUSION: I(Octavian123) won the Elections.

~This is The Thruth about the Elections~

~Octavian123, War Master, Idk what rank I am, maybe fired~


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