Elections Final Results

Skloop: Oct, I’ve looked, and I don’t think anyone changed the votes. But y’know what? 3 votes came in from your computer under 3 different names. You can tell me what you want, but you voted for yourself under different names, and that’s all there is to it. Also, to Dj, who said Oct should win cause he got 28 legit votes, he cheated, so he gets disqualified, no matter how many real votes he got. He know that, and that’s his fault. And to Ganger, who says I’m a “Wiggle Lover”, I can respect that xD.

UPDATE: And Jerry, people are very bad in life so it’s possible that someone that supports Wiggle changed the votes and cheated so I get out ;-). Great Job, Ik you want Wiggle, not me so I wish you Good Luck!

(Yawn) I came this morning on and I don’t want to fight anymore, I know the thruth yesterday I didn’t come to chat just like 2 hours in the morning, I was very sick. I already know who won the Election in my heart. But Let Wiggle be the winner because I don’t have energy to fight anymore for Leader Position. I hate fight, fight destroys an army. GT won’t stay that long in the top with Wiggle as leader. I am giving you just an advice. 😉

In Conclusion, Wiggle is the new leader of GT 😉 .Let’s see what he does different from staying and speaking on chat 😉 .I wanna see.

If we think better, CP is For Fun, not for Fights.




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