Golden Troops News (for the soldiers who need it all in 1 post)

Hello Golden Troops. This is alot of recent events/upcoming events/news/random posts/etc. xD well thats why we put it all in 1 post. Plus this way makes it cool 8). Lol anyways, Riotors here with alot of random and important news to know. Not all is important though. Just some xD. The main topic is the upcoming battles at the very end. Make sure to read it. (please thank luc for the idea)

Table of Contents

  1. Riotors Top 10 armies
  2. Election Winner
  3. WWX Information
  4. Why most armies these days arent “major”
  5. Fail of the Month
  6. Riotors wierd dream…
  7. Random picture
  8. Random interview
  9. Upcoming Battle (main topic)


#1 Riotors Top 10 armies (with short summaries)

  1. AcpI hate to admit it but Acp still has us beat…for now.

  2. GTNot a too busy week. War ended with Dcp and some conflict started up but the army is getting through it.

  3. Ice WarriorsBattling for their lives, ice warriors is still holding on.

  4. NachosWhat a surprise when i was looking through army sites and found that the nachos has rose back up to number 4.

  5. TgNot the best week for Team Gold but not a bad one either.

  6. Nw-My friend vendetta’s army from a long time ago. This army really deserves this spot.

  7. ElitesThis army has been on the rise and just kinda stopped. Who knows what will happen next.

  8. DcpWow I figured this army would be higher. They have not had a very busy week and their last 1 on 1 battle went bad.

  9. TacosJoined WWX. Not a whole lot is showing up but they are still number 9 for now.

  10. BocpI do not think this army deserves the number 10 spot, but neither does any other army right now so i guess they get it.


#2 Election Winner

There has been many arguements over the winner of the election. The truth is, there were 2 people who cheated during the election. One of these 2 lost anyways and actually the 2nd was Oct.

Octavian actually won, but unfortunately he cheated so he does not get the win. Therefore Wiggle is declared the winner of the election. Now Oct i hope this teaches you a lesson not to cheat. Or else you would be the new leader.

But the odds are you will end up a leader sooner or later anyways so you will just have to wait a little bit longer. Don’t let this election get you down, theres always next election And since half the soldiers already like you, you will probably be guaranteed a win next election.

Congrats Wiggle and Oct.


#3 WWX Information

Well most people are confused about why we dropped out.Here are the reasons.

  1. Caused conflict in gt.
  2. Caused minor leadership problems (now fixed)
  3. Leadership problems during first battle
  4. It wasn’t worth it.

Thats the main reasons why we dropped out. Not because we were scared, mainly just because it was causing problems.


#4 Why most armies these days arent “major”

In order to be major you must receive 30+ at MOST battles. Most of the top 10 these days get between 10-20. Sometimes 25 on a good day. The only major armies right now are Acp, Gt, and Iw. The rest are considered top 10 and large, but none of them are considered major right now.


#5 Fails of the Month

These are the fails of the month. Thanks Turtwig for the pic.

xD you fail. Thats hilarious ^


#6 Riotors wierd dream…

The other night i dreamed I was in the world of club penguin. I was walking around and met many people. Thats when a  dictator (my mom) took over. She was an army of 1, but so large that no major armies could defeat her. Thats when the world power armies stepped in. Acp, Gt, and Iw teamed up to fight the mighty force known as Riotors mom. After a series of j-bombs, lines, charges, etc. She sat on us. The world of clubpenguin ended right then and there. Then…I woke up xD.


#7 Random pictures

Coutesy of joey (no offence to Beiber fans)


#8 Random Interview

Random interview with a random soldier….Djgtjvgyhxgy

Me: how do you feel about our position in the top 10?

Dj: I feel we should be second. Sorry, Im also playing the 30 right now xD

Me: What game are you playing?

Dj: Ghost reacon advanced warfighting 2.

Me: How did you get your name?

Dj: Gosh Im always asked this. I pounded on the keyboard because i was pissed I couldnt think of a name. xD It came out that way.

Me: Does the sentence, “my tubby mom ran to the icecream truck for icecream” mean anything to you?

Dj: No. Is this a real interview xD

Me: Do you think that club penguin armies are growing or shrinking these days?

Dj: Shrinking. Thanks to disney and their stuff and their adding and their filters.

Me: Last question. Do you think there is any “problems” in the golden troops army and why?

Dj: Yes, I believe that the chat has become a bit inactive lately, as to why, it’s just because people are lazy, and i also believe we have too many mods, probably because we dont have a set limit of mods. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I GOT SNIPED!

Lol thanks Dj. What a wonderful interview. The day this interview was taken we acually had a full chat most of the day. Our chat is improving alot.


#9 Upcoming Battle (main topic)

Upcoming battles? We have a few already planned. Many of these involve the invasions of some old Gt servers (no matter which army it belongs to now). We will also be dropping some servers that we will replace with the new ones we invade.

Other battles we will have will include a “surprising” war coming soon against a good army. This will be a fun war, not for servers (probably), unless we change out mind and decide we want some of these servers. This will be fun and stressful at the same time. We will win the war and hopefully we will grow even larger while it is going on. The Gt is yet to lose a war. We won all of ours so far.

Now we also need some opinions on what other battles we could have. We are once again on the rise, and as we rise we need more events.

You are currently experiencing the rise of the Golden Troops. May the fun begin and never end.


Please welcome former leader, chuckthe2 (i think thats how you spell it), back to the Golden Troops.

I created this post for the following reasons

  • All the soldiers who doesn’t feel like finding everything on all different posts can read it here.
  • I made alot of the post out of pure boredom
  • It looked like fun
  • I was hyper……..
  • I was in a good mood (idk why)
  • I was eating chips and i like chips.
  • I wanted to make a long post for the heck of it.
  • Now im just stalling to make it longer.
  • Ok ill stop listing reasons now.
  • Ok last one.
  • Nvm this is the last random reason.

Comment on this post soldiers.


~Rio (your leader)


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