We have a rematch.

Line of 20 say Gt rules during random recuiting

Well todays battle went…dreadful. Why? Lots of reasons. Lots and lots of reasons. The battle was unfair on our side due to all these reasons.

  • Cpac’s Uk times were messed up. (a large portion of gt is uk)
  • Ganger canceled the battle so i had to uncancel it 30 minutes before the battle started. (the battle was not canceled ganger)
  • Too many soldiers were afk or their computer lagged too much.
  • And some more reasons.

So after all that we had only around 20 soldiers (an estimated guess) show up to the battle. So we asked a high rank in acp (the person leading the battle) if we could have a rematch and he agreed. So we just played around and had fun after that.

Either Matre or Cpac is planning our rematch.


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