Bots, Helpers on Chat

Update: We keep just one bot, the onwer bot called TheGoLdenTroopBOT (245312800). One bot is enough.

Hello Everybody. You may have seen that we have a bot which is owner. We made him to keep the chat alive and to be sure that nobody breaks the rules. What does he do?

  • He stays every time 24/24 hours on chat and sometimes he makes random emotes or they answer questions that you may out them.
  • If you swear, he will kick and then ban you for a short period of time, though.
  • If you say banme, kickme he will really ban/kick you. If you say modme,ownme he will say ”dream on”.
  • When you come on chat, he will PC you welcoming you to the chat. Don’t bother answering him.
  • He sometimes does random smilies or winks you.
  • If you’r lukcy, he may speak to you.

Our ”super” bot is called TheGoldenTroopBOT (245312800). Please respect him xD



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