Even stricter probation/proof. (you get what you deserve)

If you see Alb on chat member him.

Riotors Edit: Im very dissapointed in you Alb. Your my friend not a hacker :(. Thats why you are just placed on Strict probation intead of immediately fired.

Strict Probation

Albaro i am very dissapointed in you. At first i wasn’t going to say anything about who it was, but then you left a comment saying that you were IATW..bla..bla..bla. Now you will face the consequences.

  • You have lost your editor/author privilages on the site.
  • You have been stript of your owner and mod privilages on chat.
  • You are no longer an advisor of the Golden Troops.
  • You are currently placed under a temperary member rank called “Probation”.
  • When you are no longer under probation you will only be mod on chat for the next 2 weeks before being ownered again.
  • You are under strict probation. 1 mess up and your fired.
  • You must be active 5+ hours a day on chat without asking to be re-ownered/modded or causing problems or your fired.
  • You must show up to the acp vs. gt battle Saturday. Some excuses may apply but you will have to show proof of it. If you do not, your fired.
  • If you post a false comment as iatw again or ask somebody to add you back to the site your fired.

Like I said Alb. Your on STRICT probation. I was tempted to fire you so your lucky your not fired right now. If you break your probation you will be fired. This is the word of Riotors, I cannot trust you anymore Alb. So don’t screw up again and you may be able to earn my trust back.

You will be placed under the probation until ALL the leaders agree that you learned your lesson. This is your last chance Albaro.


Heres your Proof

Recently our ranks were delted and replaced with the words

“You have been visited by the IATW. All owners will be hacked unless an owner gives me 5000 xats.”

Albaro was the first person to notice this change and editted a post saying that the owners are in trouble and to look at the Ranks page. I immediately did so and saw that most of the ranks were deleted with the words listed above in big bold letters at the bottom.

I thought to myself…”hmm…this is kinda fishy” so i checked out the history of the changes. And how surprised was i to find that Albaro’s account was the one that editted the ranks with the “Iatw” words wrote on it.

*Note*cpspacepenguin is albs account.

*NOTE* the blue is wrote for albaro’s account.

Is that enough proof to figure out who the Iatw hacker is? No because how to I know he didn’t just hack Albaro’s account and do that with Albaro’s account.

Soo…I did some more research. Once the “IATW” hacker commented I immediately compared the Ip-adress given to the Ip-adress of Albaros comment.

*Note* Ip-adresses are unique for each computer. If the hacker really hacked Albaro’s account, he would not have the same Ip-adress still unless he was on Albaro’s computer.

Read the Ip-adresses of one of Albs comments and the hackers comments.

Guess how surprised I was to figure out Albaro was the “Iatw” hacker? Not very much. I suspected Albaro all along and after all this it was enough proof for me and anybody else that it was Alb all along.

Albaro is now placed under STRICT probation until the leaders feel he should be taken off probation. Don’t screw up Alb. Your lucky im giving you another chance and didnt just fire you right away like i should have.



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