Trio Tournament[Selecting Top 10]

All gt eitors/admins are now required to change their passwords to a harder one to guess. Also i know who did that to the ranks from following the saved changes and it was one of the gt editors/admins. I am not going to say who but they are currently under strict probation. Don’t be stupid just to try to get xats. It wont work and it will only get you in trouble. Please bring the ranks page back to the current revision.

Also i need to see that person who did it on chat. If you do not pc me first and say your sorry and wont do anything like that again ill pc you and fire you. This is the word of Riotors.


Hello there! This is the Trio Tournament that will select the new Top Ten, Top 10 medium and Top 10 small. If your a small army and you want to face a large army in the tournament, feel free to, just comment on this post! We will get back to you as a soon as possible since this post will be up until the Trio Tournament ends(Predictively sometime in July/June). If you do not join this tournament, you will not be able to be in the Top Ten. Reasoning? I have it all.

  • You must have bravery to face any army in the Top Ten.
  • You must not be afraid to face the best of the best armies.
  • It shows that you are afraid.

Now, a lot of people from the Meeting did not agree. But I did not even tell much about the terms. The terms are easy, simple and if you don’t agree with them, then you can just not join the tournament and lose your spot.

  • You will face the smallest army up until the largest army(depends if you win them all or not).
  • If  you lose to a certain army, but beat the one before it, you will be the rank of the army you beat before.
  • To win this tournament, you must beat basically all the armies in Club Penguin.
  • If you win this tournament, you will be the largest, strongest and bravest army in Club Penguin
  • If you get into the Top 3 in this tournament, you will receive a medal I am currently creating. It is called the ‘Elated Stand’
  • If you win the tournament, you will also receive a medal that will stand for and have on ‘Strongest Army’
  • You will face one different army, smallest to largest army.

I will post more information on the Tournament later! For now, I’m going to have a sign-up and have some of the automatic armies to be joining!


  • ACP(Army of Club Penguin)
  • GT(Golden Troops of Club Penguin)
  • IW(Ice Warriors)
  • Nachos
  • TG(Team  Gold)
  • NW(Night Warriors)
  • Tacos
  • Elites
  • BOCP(Black Ops of Club Penguin)
  • HSA(Hot Sauce Army)
  • WW(Watex Warriors)

To let you guys know, all armies are included in this war. This will decide your spot in the Small Top Ten, Medium Top Ten or Large  Top Ten. Don’t forget that more information and battles are coming soon! Battles will be posted once we get up to 50 contenders in the tournament. Comment on this: To join the tournament.

What size is your army?

Why do you want to join this tournament?

What rank are you in the Top Ten of Small, Medium or Large(if you aren’t in the list, include that)?

Who do you want to face first in the Tournament?

After answering these questions, you will be in the tournament as long as you join it before their is 50 entrees. Join the tournament today, earn your true spot!

War has come,



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