Chat/Getting on cp/Hits/Our status

Jerry here:

We have a nice army. Alot of active troops. But when I go on chat from 3 to 5, the chat is inactive. Whats up with that? Guys, talk, please. Come on chat, especially you mods! Start a conversation for petes sake. I don’t want to see an empty chat. Back in gw, the chat was almost always empty. This is Gt, we have different standards. We come to chat everyday. Why? So when there is a raid, we can be prepared. So when new recruits come in, they come to an awesomelly active army! (If that’s a word) So please get on chat.. or there will be consequences O_o.


When we do have full chats, we barely get on cp. Come on guys, owners, recruit please. Get the troops on cp. Your an owner, you can lead unscheduled sessions. It’ll help your image as an owner. Mods, if there are no owners on, and atleast 10+ on chat, try to lead an unschedule session. When owners drop out, you may be considered for an owner rank. Not doing anything isn’t going to take you anywhere. Trust me. So try to get on cp more often, it’ll do something good for you and this army. And no, don’t THINK about having one, DO one. Don’t be lazy people.


So far our hits have been averaging 400+ a day. Some days 700+. Now, we are getting around 200+. Guys, visit the site every single day. You might miss an update. You might miss a schedule event. So, be loyal troops and see the site, EVERYDAY, not twice a week, or 4 times, everyday!


Gt, is growing. Most troops from before, ever since Gt vs IW war, had stayed with us. We gain troops, and they become loyal. We should have no problem getting 30+ at the event with acp, and we should be able to get 40+ if people come. Who knows, maybe we will be Acp’s size! So we are in great shape, but remember don’t stop working or gt will fall. 😦 We don’t want that now do we?

~Gt will keep rising~


Quick Edit: Guys check out our new boot camp. It is lead by me (Jim) and Ganger will pick another 3ic to lead it.It is not done yet but i will make a short post when it is. Anyway Great Post Jerry and please make sure to check out the site for latest news about the training.


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