Important Owners Demotion/Selections Program


Yabjees: Hey, Oct BTW my cp name Is Goh Laser1 and jerry told me you have no authority to demote 3ic’s I’m just saying what he said not me. So anywho Im not demoted I talked to the Leaders 🙂

Hello everyone. We have too many almost-inactive owners. I mean they come rarely on chat and they rarely go to wars/events. I made this program because of this fact. The owners – and I am talking to the ranks Co-Leader and 3ic – which are not active must be demoted. We don’t need to forget that we are the 2nd almost the most powerful army in the whole Club Penguin. We mustn’t have inactive owners; the people who are owners must be very very loyal to us. Whenever they come on, they shall first think about Golden Troops. I know some moderators that are very active and deserve the owners spot. They are more loyal than some of our 3ics. Let’s be organizated. The ranks will stay like this:

Leaders-They are active we don’t talk about them. They do their job.

Ganger90 , Flipper, Saiyaman Xc, Wiggle, Riotors and Sklooperis.

Co-Leaders. Our co-leaders are in number of three, and they are very active; an exception is with Houndy which gainsts a small warning.

Octavian123, Juneau2 and Houndy.


Now the 3ics – the ones that need to be selected. Our 3ics are in number of 6. They are the following: Slash, Bearsboy, Sercan44444, Buddy1585, Goh Laser1, Cheezepleeze. The 3ics that are active and really deserve this post are the following: Sercan44444, Cheezepleeze, Slash aka Shadowhero99, and Goh Laser1 a.k.a Yabjees/Kanye East. Leaders will talk and decide what rank they will demote to those 3ics: Bearsboy, and Buddy1585…Sorry guys. You aren’t active and you didn’t do too much for the army.

This was the Owners Demotion Program. The Bests will remain. This Demotion Program was made after a month of watching all the owners. As conclusion the people who will be demoted are: Bearsboy, Buddy1585, . Those who will get demoted, I have something to say to them: ”Don’t be sad, you weren’t good enough for a 3ic rank in the number 2 almost most powerful army in the whole Club Penguin BUT You will be probably very good for highest mod rank.”

One More Thing: I need all the leaders to say their opinion about this program.



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