Are you ready? To face the largest army in Club Penguin? Our allies, but yet, our rivals in a way. It’s going on this Saturday! We’re facing the largest army in Club Penguin guys..

We got the opportunity.

Let’s not waste it. I can see it right now, medal of winning the tournament. New largest army. It’s a hell lot of dreaming, but if we start working more, getting on chat and recruiting, we will receive the opportunity. Now, theres one question. Are you ready? Are you ready to– beat the largest army? Face up against them is already a damn good accomplishment. But, we need to make that opportunity into our advantage. If we get 50 soldiers, half the army is getting promoted on Promotion Day. If we get more than 35, we will have a less-willed Promotion Day, but your still getting a lot of promotions. Just show me you have what it takes to be and stay 2nd largest. Are you ready t—-

Hell will be unleashed



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