Declaration of war! Hell is coming to a server near you!

Jerry: Well? Finish it lol.

Hey there Gt! The title says it all, The Golden troops officially declare war. We declare war on the Tacos of Club Penguin. The tacos chose to fight against us in wwx. What good allies. The Tacos also chose to fight against us when we were defending halfpipe a long time ago (which we won). As you all know the Golden Troops have yet to lose a war and we aren’t going to start now. We are going to not only beat the Tacos but destroy them. We want Riffy out of power. Why? He doesn’t deserve to be leader. He just stays on riffy chat the whole time until battle then gets all the people from his chat over to tacos. He doesn’t do crap for the tacos like houndy and bowser. If you ask me and just about everybody else, houndy and Bowser do the most for the tacos and they deserve a leader postion instead of Riffy.

Tonight, the Golden Troops raided Tacos beloved server, mukluk. This war will start a new beginning for the tacos. This war is something that needs to happen. Riffy needs to be out of power for not doing his job as leader. We will continue to invade Tacos until Riffy retires his leader position. Once that happens the invasions will stop. If he doesn’t then he will just be killing the tacos. I can’t wait for the war to start.

Invasion of Mukluck


Where: Mukluck (start at town)



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