Number 1 army? No. But definitely number 2.

Guys we lost. Im sad to say it but we still did great. Acp is a good army so they will be a great challenge. Alot of the people that said they would make it, didn’t show up. Including me due to last minute notice on plans for this morning. Sorry guys.

Well anyways our average throughout the battle was around 35. I am not proud of that number. Its amazing for large armies, but small for the Golden Troops who should be averaging 40-50+.

Our highest numbers throughout the battle was about 47. Thats more like it but we did not hold that number very long. Anyways im proud of you guys, but i think we can all do better. Here is some pics took by the soldiers.

We sun bomb Acp while they Joke bomb us.

We make a line all the way down of war faces while Acp stand around.

We Jbomb Acp while some try to counter with clovers.

Anyways guys, as you can see we didn’t do bad but it wasn’t the numbers i expected. That is why we will begin to work on something that will make us rise. I expect 50+ during one of the battles we will be having soon. I expect not only to win, but to DOMINATE. This is the Golden Troops, Its our time to shine.

Be ready for a war.


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