Senate Elections

The Senate elections are often held in many armies such as ACP, Nachos, IW and more. But hey, we’re one of the Top 3 armies too, so how about we have Senate elections? I will explain to you as of what a Senate/Senator does/is. First of all, you need to know what a senate is. A senate is a democratic group of the army in which decides the passing of a bill after the leaders decide. They can either have the majority to say no or yes. It depends on what the senate thinks. After the senate decides, the people and soldiers decide. A senate is technically a higher form of Democracy. Now, you want to know what a Senator does? First off, theres a Head Senator. The Head Senator is the one who announces the law. He/she will also make the meeting chat for the senate. And then there is a, well… regular Senator. A regular senator will participate in meetings and pass on the law from senator to senator. Once the law is agreed on or dis agreed on, the senator will announce it to the Head Senator. Now, no time to wait! Let’s make the sign-ups for the official GT Senate Elections.

Head Senator

To be a Head Senator, you must meet some qualifications unlike being a regular Senator. First of all, you have to be the rank Head Commander and up. If you do not meet this personnel, you cannot run for Head Senator. Read below for the personnel of Senator, and just Senator.

What is your CP username?

How long have you been in the GT/CPST/GW/any other armies that were formed to make us?

What will you do as Head Senator?

Will you make the honest and the decision that makes most sense as Head Senator?

What is your GT rank?

After answering this questions successfully you will be in the election for Head Senator/Senate which will be posted later on. To prepare, I suggest you get a campaign.

Regular Senator

You will have the same duties as a Head Senator if you are a regular Senator. You will just not be the one announcing and leading the Senate. As well, you can be any rank to become a regular Senator. You can be Lieutenant, you can be Private, you can be noob. Any rank at all, you can run for regular Senator.

Will you follow under the commands of the ‘Head Senator’?

What is your CP username?

What will you do as a Senator?

Will you make sure you make the lawful decision?

After answering these questions successfully you will be in the race for Senator/Senate that will be posted later on. To prepare, I suggest you start a campaign. Good luck!

I hope that I explained all of the Senator’s duties, responsibilities, and personnel. If I did not, please comment on this post with your question. Thanks for the continued support, from Ganger. Bye!

Good Luck!



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