Declaration of War

Shadow: YESH LETS 😀

Hello, soldiers of GT, a war is near!

As you know, the Nachos have taken our spot as the 2nd largest army. The Nachos have never defeated us and we have never defeated the Nachos. Nachos did not out perform us. We had a bad turnout in the 1st tournament battle due to it being cancelled. In other words, the Nachos(Billy Mays) posted a remark on the tournament I was hosting. To read that, you can scroll down on the Nachos site. One thing that he says is that I’m trying to rewrite the Top Ten. That’s CPAC’s decision if they want to change the Top Ten based on the tournament. Another remark is that ‘I’m trying to be the dictator of all armies’. The reason of the tournament was to show the true size of CP armies. Not for an army to be afraid to lose their spot. He also says that I just want GT to be number 1 as well. Well, you know what? I do, but I won’t do it like the Nachos. Getting because of biased reporters. GT will get it when they deserve it. Now here comes the final remark.. “Wars make Top Ten’s, not tournaments”. Well I’ll tell you what..

Let’s solve this with a war

-Hell will be unleashed



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