Our time to shine/Letter to Dcp (BATTLE TODAY)

(!)BATTLE Now(!)



Don’t forget about senate elections 2 posts down!

Jerry here: (Your super duper awesome advisor)

After Us, Gt, declared War on the Nachos, Nachos decided to attack us first. Big mistake. Let’s repel their invasion, demolish them, and continue with attacks of our own. Perfect plan ey? :mrgreen:

Defense of Matterhorn

When: Monday, May 24

Times: 7 est, 6 cst, 5 mst, 4 pst pm and 12 gmt am (Uk are excused)

Rooms: Everywhere where the enemy is at

Chat: http://xat.com/thegt

Notes: Come to chat 30 mins before battle starts, Pay attention, and epicly pwn the Nachos

Rewards: 10% increase of promotions*

Guys. Remember when we go 47 max at battle with acp? It’s time to make that our average. Uk, if you can come, come. Everyone else, if you are on chat but not on the gt chat, you are demoted no questions asked. Look, this is war, we need everyone here! Who knows, maybe after this, we might be large enough to go after Acp. Don’t worry acp, that time isn’t here yet, but beware, the Golden Troops are on the rise!


*There will be more battles which will add to that 10%. Some may 
be 10%, others 20%.


For dcp:

To: Dcp

From: Gt

Subject: Ownership of Snow fall.

Hello there Dcp. If your wondering, why should we discuss Snow fall if we already own it? Well, Dcp, Gt owns snow fall. Pay attention and you will learn.

Lolarmy, the small army that you invaded snow fall from, “owned Snow fall.” Wrong. Lolarmy never knew that Golden Troops owned Snow fall. So they declared the serve for their own. When you and lol went to war with each other, you selected Snow fall for the battle field and the object to win. All along, both armies fought on Gt land. So when you “Won” Snow fall, you really didn’t win. All what happened was a battle, no gained land. Here, a picture will help.

Pretty much, Gt owns it. And if you come in here saying: Well dcp invaded it, where was gt? Well, we didn’t know about the invasion. Sorry to break out the truth about Snow fall.


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