Results (editted: we do not admit defeat if we do not believe we lost.)

Jerry In response to Rio’s edit: Rio, at one point, which was at the end, Gt started to lose size. I have no idea how, since all uk troops weren’t there so Est,cst,mst and pst had to stay for the entire battle. Nachos did have a greater size at the end. Gt had a larger size in the beginning, and the middle both armies either was larger, smaller or equal to the size of the opposing army. You may call that a tie. I call it a loss.

To nachos: I knew all your owner ranks would go crazy. Thats why I did not declare victory for us since I respect ads. We agreed that we would give Cpa Central our pictures.

Also pie, you were only larger than us in the end. Besides that we were either tied or Gt was ahead.  Im not sayng anything bad about the nachos since they did show up to a greater size than i expected. Im just saying to make it fair and let Cpa Central vote and whoever wins the votewins the battle. How simple is that?

We have posted 18 pictures of the ENTIRE battle on this post. Cpac will chose the winner. Sorry Nachos but ido not think you have won, it was a great battle anyways. Now Cpac review our pictures and stories and decide the winner.

Riotors Edit: Since both armies think they have won there is only 1 way. Cpa Central will decide who wins. Both armies have their side of the story, and both armies have pictures.

Important Edit: (from Rio)

This is all honest. If i honestly thought we lost i would agree to it. But i dont. After  reviewing the battle I can HONESTLY say that i think we won.

This is a loss from Jerrys point of view. In my point of view we won. We were winning the whole beginning half of the battle and even a little longer. Nachos were BARELY ahead in the end. How did we lose Jerry?

  • All the nachos did was retreat from room to room and we chased them.
  • We believed Nachos used Allies (ww and acp at times)
  • Golden Troops were larger the majority of the battle
  • Both armies were equal in tactics
  • Golden Troops claimed the majority of the large rooms.

I know Nachos will be complaining, view our pictures if you dont believe me. These pictures are from just about the whole war while yours is mainly the end *smirk*

Today Golden Troops, we have engaged in war. We faced our enemy, and defended our server with pride. The question remains. Who won?

We lost. Yes. The time has come when us, The Golden Troops, lost to another army. No, I know your saying “We tied” but, is a tie really a sense of satisfaction? It’s really nothing. It’s an insult to you. After all you worked, do you want to hear the words, we tied? No you don’t. We want to hear the words, we won. Today, those two words are shrouded with black clouds, as it is unsure if we had a clear victory. CPAC WILL DECIDE WHO WON! At times, we fell down to our knees. At other times, we crushed the enemy. So, to conclude this segment, we tied to the nachos. How? Well, let’s say the leading was horrendous. The listening skills was horrible. An extremely lucky break. But, you wont be lucky the next time. What are we going to do? Well:

  • We will recruit for an hour each day
  • We will come on chat each day
  • Unscheduled youlead sessions.
  • Practice on leading.

Easy. Very easy. We can do it. I know we can. So by the next time we face the nachos, we will not have an 40+ average. We will have an 5-+ average. We will surprise and kill the nachos. You can run and hide nachos, but eventually, the golden force will get you. Prepare for war.

Now, the part we like, Pictures!

(in order)

*Note to cpac: please look over the Gt pictures and the Nachos pictures and see who you think won.

Load your guns, war has come home



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