Training for 30 days. Be ready Gt.[Updated]

Jerry: Hey Gt! As your super duper awesome fantastic magnificent wonderful and passionate advisor, i came up with an idea! 😮 Well, we all know the epic battle with Nachos. If you don’t, I recommend you see a doctor. 😯 Anyway, I came up with this:

We divide into 3 divisions, but stay as a whole army. How you may ask. Well, Uk troops are pretty much half of this army, East and Pacific bringing in the 2 fourths. We are lacking Mountain and central troops. Also, we need more est and pst troops since on weekday battles usually only eastern people can come. So I think we need to split into groups like Eastern with central, Pacific with Mountain and Uk by itself. So when recruiting, times will be pointed directly to the time zones of the groups. Other time zones can come if they can. Like say a recruiting session. Let’s say group 1, Eastern and Central, have a recruiting session at 8 pm est. Central can make it and Eastern can make it avoiding the times when they have dinner. Other time zones may come IF they can come. It’s pretty simple. This way when recruiting on cp, we can gather more troops from cp world in a specific time zones. So when we have another battle on the weekdays, we have more troops ready to battle! And it won’t affect your rank! (This is probably the most important thing to this plan). Comment if you think it’s stupid, or not! You better say it’s a good idea. 👿 Nah jk, but comment *D*

Yes the Golden Troops are big, no wait huge. But we could be alot huger. Here lately we have been averaging about 40 a battle (estimated number). We could easily get 50.

Our soldiers want a war right? You want a challenge right? Well for that to happen we need to train. Ill begin the countdown and we will train for AT LEAST 30 days before war. This means will will have scheduled recruiting sessions every week and scheduled training. Also each day we will have Unscheduled recruiting sessions, unscheduled training sessions, and some practice wars.

Be ready Gt. Its time to step up from number 3 to number 2 or even 1. I know its a big accomplishment, but we can do it easily. After this we will have war. The army to have war with is not yet named and decided. We want a new army to have war with besides ones we have already gone to war with if possible.

We will soon show our size, we will find a way to beat even the greatest of the armies. Our name will soon shine. Golden Troops.

Well ill see you guys later. (pce)



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