Division sign ups

Time to sign up for some NEW divisions guys. The new divisions will be sorted out by not names and ranks, but time zones. How great is that. This way if an army invades more than 1 server we can split our divisions up by what time zones will have the most soldiers there.

There will be 3 timezones/divisions. Each with a cool new name in the ( )’s. The color of each division is the color of the name.

Uk/Gmt (Earth)

Pst & Cst (Water)

Mst & Est (Fire)

The colors were given to each to match its name. We chose 3 simple names to make our divisions better kept. Long and random names send to send some troops away for not wanting to fight for that division. This way we have 3 cool easy basic names. Most soldiers i asked about the names say that they love all 3 so welcome the new 3 divisions of the Golden Troops.


Sign up time

Penguin name:

Rank in gt:

Which time zone are you? Uk/gmt, Est, Cst, Mst, Pst or other? If other please list your time zone:

If you do not understand please check my comment.



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