Golden Troops YouTube — Hiring —

This is Ganger here! I’m starting the Golden Troops YouTube. A few soldiers requested it, so now I’m going to be officially opening the GT YouTube! The Golden Troops YouTube will make GT-based movies, also recording any events and much, much more! Answer the following to be apart of the Golden Troops YouTube Crew! Please, note that in each sign-up your signing up for a CERTAIN position. Thanks for your participation!

1. Graphic Manager

What is your CP username?

What’s your rank in the Golden Troops?

What will contribute to GT’s youtube?

Give me a picture of one of your recent GFX pictures

2. Video Graphic Manager

What video-editting system do you have?

What’s your CP username?

What is your rank in GT?

What will you contribute to the Golden Troops YouTube?

3. Video Manager

Sign-ups for the “Video Manager” position will not be held. The position has already been taken and owned by Ganger90.

If you want to be apart of the Golden Troops YouTube Staff, comment on this post! We will have 3 of each position! From the stats this site gets, you have a 75% chance of getting the job! Better than “No idea”. Good luck!

-Hell will be unleashed



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