My Apology/News for GT(From Me)

This is Ganger. I’m here to apologize on how I’ve stepped down lately. Now, the whole fuse and transformation from GT’s massive and incredible size to just a simple and large size. We used to easily get 30+ and now struggle to get 20. I do not want this to continue happening to us, until we go down to the size that I regretted we would ever reach. We are the Golden Troops, we shine forever, we are darkened: Never. But, the true point of this post was to focus on what I’ve done lately; not much, correct? I went from a known “dictator” because of my amount of posts to some leader that posts rarely. Yes, I have still been posting and yes, I will have soldiers saying none of this is my fault. But no. Don’t stick up for me. It has been my fault. I’ve let the other leaders take over and rise ahead of me. I used to be the man-in-charge. I used to be, what you all called, The Boss. Now, I have been shredded into one thing; nothing but a 10-year-old kid who leads a Large army on Club Penguin. Soon, that name will be down to: The 10-year old kid that leads a army on Club Penguin.  I have showed myself that I stepped down and disappointed my soldiers. My soldiers have true disappointment and the reason I am erected with an insecure feeling is because that insecure feeling is my fault. For now on, I will make sure the soldiers are happy with what they see in this army. I will make sure that no one ever gets that in-secure feeling of anyone else taking over. For all my followers, keep the good work up. You have treated me to become the leader I am now. Don’t worry followers of myself, I’m coming back to my regular self. Filled with pride, Loaded with destruction. Every army will once again bow down to GT and myself, Ganger90, will once again take my teaching stick and teach you to fire destruction back into Club Penguin. Today and on, I will start a new Operation. GT shall have a Golden Age once again.

Now, I’m starting a new program in my leadership adequate. It’s news coming to GT every Monday and Friday of the week! Well today IS  Friday indeed, isn’t it? Well, hmm, I wonder what I must do. Oh yes! It’s time for some news.

Table of Contents:

1. Top Ten armies of the week

2. Latest News

3. What’s Up?

4. The Interviews

5. Ganger90’s Retirement?

6. Luc’s return to WW? A possible new chance?

7. Armies on the  Rise

8. Do you know your army?

9. Club Penguin Fact of the day!

10. Club Penguin Tips

11. Club Penguin Secrets

12. Club Penguin Walkthroughs

13. GT: Falling or rising?

14. Top 10 songs of the week

15. Top 10 rappers of the week

16. Top 10 musicians of the week

17. Herbert’s Revenge coming to YOUR DS!

18. Wrap-up

Top Ten Armies of the Week

ACP: Well, of course ACP have earned this spot. You see them with this spot times and time again. They are on the rise, but at the same time they are falling. It’s hard to explain. They have some great turn-outs and I mean like, if it was any other army, it would be Great.. Great Great. I’m talking more than 50. But then in some other battles they struggle to hit 35. ACP are an up-and-down army. But, they’re always at the top if their falling, having a good or bad day, or not.

GT: GT have this spot.. but not by a landslide. They have it by inches. They barely out-performed Nachos in the War of Matternhorn, but still, the Nachos maintained a good size, conversioning a tie.

Nachos: Nachos have earned the number 3 spot for numerous reasons. One reason is the Nachos have been much larger than they were known to be. Another reason is that Nachos outnumbered any of the other below ranks.

IW: IW reigned victorious against the Night Warriors. That means the 4th largest spot is now theirs. But, recently, the IW and NW have formed an alliance to take down DCP(Doritos of Club Penguin). So far, the team of IW, NW and RFW have dominated the DCP. Will they strike back?

This is a quick sneak peek of what you’ll be seeing this Monday! Be ready for some epic and exciting news!

-Hell will be unleashed



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