Our Best Point

I’m sure you are all in boredom with out a war. That’s why I’m here to relieve your boredom. I have an antidote. It’s called War. Lately we’ve been doing Training Session’s, Recruiting Session’s and YouLead sessions. Well, I have a new idea. We’re going to war with one of the following armies, but I need you guys to vote. Your vote will be the answer to the question. Make sure that your wise in your choices!

ACP(Army of Club Penguin)


Ice Warriors

It’s your vote! This war will show that the Golden Troops are NOT falling, we are not dead, and we are still shining..


-Vote now!

~Hell will be unleashed


P.S: If you are in the Golden Troops, we REALLY want you to vote. So please participate and vote on this post!


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