Meet the Leaders


❗ * NOTE* All other ranks have been chosen and will be released either this weekend or the beginning of next week.  When released, you may petition for a different rank and your petition will be taken into consideration.  However, please keep in mind that the ranks are based off the applications and there were a vast amount of highly qualified applicants.

There were a vast amount of well overly-qualified applicants.  This made it very hard to choose just three to be leader and even harder to narrow down the ranks.  After a few hours of trying to figure out how to do so, I finally narrowed down the applicants to just three leaders based on experience, potential, character, leadership qualities, and desire to succeed.  These are your new leaders.

Meet your Leaders:

Chuckisthe2 (Zyanid) – Most known for his role as creator/leader of HSA, Chuck has been chosen for a leadership role in the Golden Troops.  Chuckisthe2 is listed as a legend of both HSA and GT.  He has past leadership ranks in GT, DW, WW, CPST, UMA, Elites, and DCP.  Chuck is very qualified and has led numerous top armies countless times.  Chuck is known around the CP army community as an excellent leader, a wonderful person, and a great friend to his troops as well.  Chuck specializes in bringing dead armies back to large numbers.

Cody2143 – Cody is also very qualified, although not quite as qualified experience-wise as Chuck.  However, Cody has displayed great potential as a leader and holds wonderful leadership qualities which helps him to stick out amongst the crowd. Cody played a big part in leading the Shadow Troops to number 5 on CPAC and has held 2ic in many armies such as: DW, Nachos, Doritos, RPF, Swat, LT, and UMA.  Cody was a 4ic in AR and a former LIT in GT.

Max43810 – Max is best known for his leadership role in Pirates becoming the 3rd largest army and he is also listed as a Pirates legend.  Max also led UMA to the number 5 army and was inducted as a legend there too.  Along with this he was a Federation leader/legend obtaining 6th on CPAC and a Miners leader/legend obtaining 5th on CPAC.  Max is also known as a Pretzels leader, HSA UK leader, GT UK leader, ST UK leader, Nachos 3ic and UK division leader, WV 2ic, Doritos 2ic, IW 5ic, and a 4ic of many other armies including ACP, DW, WW, LT, and Ninjas.  Max is a qualified leader with great leadership potential, wonderful character, and would bring strength to the UK time zone of GT.

Please welcome these three.  They will be making a chat soon for the army and from here on out are in 100% complete control of the Golden Troops.  We will rise again.


5 Responses

  1. Good, you kept Pain out of this.

  2. Riot what rank did I get?

  3. Riotors, If you see this message. I need you to fill in for max.


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