Closing Down

Hey Golden Troops,

As of today, the Golden Troops are dead. I messed things up big time by leaving for a week just after we placed 6th on the Top Ten Armies. The other leaders, Chuck and Cody were useless and relied on me to do everything, which isn’t possible. I returned yesterday and tried to get us back on track, but it’s practically impossible as Cody/Chuck messed things up so bad that everyone is treating us like a joke.

Max43810, Former Golden Troops Leader

45 Responses

  1. Hopefully the army will stay shut down.

    • It won’t.

      I’m not sure where Max is able to get off and say that we were Useless. Cody did try his hardest to keep this up. I was busy with real life stuff and the amount of work I could put into GT was very little. Max did a lot for the army, yes, but he was not the sole reason we were big for a little bit.

      I’ll be speaking to Riotors about the future of the army.

    • Shut the fuck up you dumbass bitch. GT will rise again. They will be good as fucking new.

      • Kid, the only reason GT even somewhat rose last time was because of Jerry and Serc, and even then they had too much controversy to draw in a lot of people. People here don’t bother to recruit, never had. The army was a joke in 2014, and with the crisis of armies going on GT would be lucky to get 5-10 loyal people, with the rest being hoppers that leave in 2 weeks.

  2. The Golden Summer this year was one of the greatest generations in my personal opinion. Although I was couped from GT towards the end of our prime due to starting to slacking off, I am proud to say that I have been a Golden Troops Leader alongside some of the greatest such as Jerry, Sercan and Tempah, and helped create a significant AUSIA Division.

    Long live our legacy. Long live the Golden Troops.

  3. Finally, someone has some sense. Leave the army dead. We were great, but it’s over.

  4. dont worry fellas lets get the army back on its feet next summer im sure lengends from the previous summer gt will return that time.

  5. Hey all. I was on here in 2009, back when we were the golden warriors. I loved you all. I remember someone named rock, tristin, and cold pizza…. I miss everyone on there. They were awesome. Thanks for the good times and the bad. If you ever restart or I see someone on here, I’ll post.

    Love you all. I would never forget this place when it was alive an booming </3

  6. No! Golden Troops CAN’T be shut down. It’s the best army of all time! Remember, you won’t fail until you quit. And the GT army is not a quitter. I know GT can get back up! Start recuriting again. And again. Until GT is the best of all time! There’s 4 steps to start a army! You did it once, you can do it again.
    1. Have a website
    2. Have a chat
    3. Recurit GT Troops
    4. WIN!

  7. Let’s hope that if this army ever does get revived, it’s not lead by such an useless idiot. ( Cody )

  8. I have an idea!

  9. Let’s sneak attack an army!

  10. Can dummysuckers have a pb with you guys?

  11. u guys will be alive soon

  12. Looks like some people are still commenting on this post so I will make my comment: :^)


  14. long live the memory of GT

  15. WP Name: Awesomebird1
    I will recreate it, but I need your help!

    Armies I’ve lead: Team Gold, Fog Phantoms, Golds, ACP, 10 more.

  16. cant i reopen it i am a very good recuiter i can set up everything

  17. Jerry, I heard you were on a p0rn site :/

  18. From Teal Violin

  19. It’s been around 1 year since this army finally collapsed.
    Long live GT’s legacy.


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