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Site Restoration Progress

Jerry Edit (10/8/2017): Whoops, college started and my free time disappeared. I’ll pick up where I left off once summer rolls around soon. 

On the off chance that someone comes across this post, this is where I’ll keep track of the site restoration effort.

(The restored posts will include GW history since this site was originally used by GW. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way yet to restore CPSS posts so that army history might be gone forever. I won’t be putting CPST posts here either, partly because most of the site was deleted but mostly because this should be restricted to GT, GW history. If I find a way to restore CPST posts, I’ll link that to a different site.)

Posts: 22.5% – Restored posts up to June 2010 – (Updated on 6/3/17)

Pages: -Not started-

Other: -Not started-

Once the restoration is finished, there’ll most likely be no more new posts on this site.

– Jerry

6 Responses

  1. Great work Jerry

  2. I’ll see if I perhaps have any cpss posts or gw posts stored anywhere and will email the posts to you on the off chance I actually find any. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a dead end, but who knows. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

  3. Not much left and I can start helping.

  4. Has anyone thought about making a Discord as a way to reconnect and whatnot?


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