Hello GT! We have had a very hectic week, so I’m going to run down every event we had and how well we did!

Defense of Cozy

On Tuesday we Successfully defended Cozy maxing 20

Max: 20

Invasion of Bobsled

On Wednesday we invaded Bobsled, but it was invalid so we didn’t get the server. We still ended up maxing 19

Max: 19

Defense of Blizzard [AUSIA]

Then finally, on Thursday we defended Blizzard in our first AUSIA event of the new generation. We sadly lost, but for our first AUSIA event we did pretty good with a max of 13!

Max: 13

GT, for our first war of the new generation, I am truly proud of the new sizes we reached, and on Saturday we will celebrate how awesome we did this week.

-GT Leader, TheMightyA


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