Legends Cup Round 1 Vs. SWAT

Hi GT! Thursday we had our first round of the Legends Cup X. We were up against SWAT, and we definitely put up a good fight, but sadly due to swat’s larger size, we lost all 3 rounds. I am proud of our performance, as we maxed 16 next to SWAT’s 20, which is pretty close. while we did lose, we’ll be a wildcard army for RPF as the army RPF was supposed to be facing dropped out of the Legends Cup, so while they are bigger, it’s another chance for us to show to the army community that we never give up, regardless of the odds. So be sure to attend on Sunday!

Max: 16

If anyone from SWAT is reading this, I want you to know you put a incredible fight, and it was a honor battling you in the Legends Cup X :salute:

-GT Leader, TheMightyA


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