Event Results For 6/28/20 – 7/27/20

Hello GT! I have realized that I’ve really been slacking in making posts for this website, There hasn’t been a single event results post for the past month, and for that I apologize. So not only will I do a event results post for our Invasion of Lucky in 2 days, but I will rundown every event we held within this month, because we’ve had some pretty great ones, enjoy!

AUSIA Purpol Dwagon Event

This month we began to hold more ausia events due to high demand, and they came with success! On June 30th, We held our AUSIA Purpol Dwagon Event maxing…

Max: 11

Practice Battle Against Fighter Pilots of CP

We also began to have many Practice Battles, Our first being against our sister allies the Fighter Pilots! While we didn’t win, we put a good fight with a max of…

Max: 11

Invasion of Rainbow

We then began our conquest for servers after the CPAH map reset, beginning with our successful Invasion of Rainbow maxing…

Max: 12

AUSIA Invasion of Sabertooth

Next up we of course had to take back our previous brother ally the Animal Kingdom’s capital, out of respect for them (Rest in Peace) our ausia division showed they were worthy by holding one of our most successful events this generation, with a amazing max of…

Max: 19

Invasion of Ice Palace

Our final invasion for now, we took Ice Palace with a solid max of…

Max: 15

Practice Battle Against Red Ravagers

Next Up we had a practice battle with our allies the Red Ravagers, we took the 3-0 Victory as well as a max of…

Max: 13

Beach Brawl Training Event

Next we had a Training Event to prepare ourselves for the upcoming Beach Brawl tournament, with a max of…

Max: 14

Beach Brawl Round 1 Against Lime Green Army

After our training event, Day 1 of the highly anticipated Beach Brawl Tournament had began, while we didn’t win against LGA, we put up a good fight with a very close max of…

Max: 15

Practice Battle Against Brownies of CP

After our lost, we took on a full week of just Practice Battles, our first being against the Brownies of CP! We took home yet another 3-0 Victory with a max of…

Max: 15

Practice Battle Against Pizza Federation

For our second Practice Battle that week, we took on our allies the Pizza Federation, we didn’t win but still as always put up a good fight with a max of…

Max: 12

AUSIA Practice Battle Against Superstars of CP

And finally, we took a much needed spin on our Practice Battle filled week with a AUSIA Practice Battle against our allies the Superstars of CP. We took home the 3-0 Victory redeeming ourselves from the last Practice Battle, with a max of…

Max: 13

And that is every event result in the past month! What do you think, did we pull off good sizes and wins? Let us know in the comments below! Also be sure to join the discord and attend our Invasion of Lucky tomorrow so we can pull off another 15+ max! Until then this is Mighty signing off.

-GT Leader, TheMightyA


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