Hi there Golden Troops!
GT Leader Rachel here! I would like just to congratulate everyone who got a promotion this week and welcome them all to the Golden Troops staff team! People who joined our team are: Marieee who joined as our newest Leader in training! Candy who joined as a Leader in training! Blair who joined as a Third in command as well! Todorokook who joined as a Fourth in command, AfricanCupcake who joined as a Fourth in command Jimmy who is a Captain, also Fireblade and Bella who joined as a Captain and lastly to Satchmo who is GT’s newest Advisor! We are very happy to have them all on our staff team and can’t wait to see what the bring to the table!! Also a huge congrats to our Troop Of The Week Amber!! well deserved all of you!! Remember to keep an eye out for our event post coming soon!! Remember: HELL WILL BE UNLEASHED!!

GT Main Leader

One Response

  1. Woah Thats alot of people, neat


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