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    On this website you will find the times and location of where the Golden Troops meet up on Club Penguin. If you need help, go to our official Discord chat here > GT Discord Check the website daily for new information, battle results and other cool stuff from CP!
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The first meet up is today at 3 EST / 8 UK



Golden Troops



Closing Down

Hey Golden Troops,

As of today, the Golden Troops are dead. I messed things up big time by leaving for a week just after we placed 6th on the Top Ten Armies. The other leaders, Chuck and Cody were useless and relied on me to do everything, which isn’t possible. I returned yesterday and tried to get us back on track, but it’s practically impossible as Cody/Chuck messed things up so bad that everyone is treating us like a joke.

Max43810, Former Golden Troops Leader

[UK/US] Opening Event Results from Last Weekend

MAX – 15 || AVERAGE – 13

Hey Golden Troops,

I know this post is very late, but last weekend we logged on for our opening event (March on Half Pipe), which turned into a Practice Battle when the Golds Army raided. We did great and maxed 15, averaging 13 in this event with great tactics.

SIZES = 10



Max43810, Golden Troops Leader


[AUSIA] Saturday Training Results

MAX – 22 || AVERAGE – 20

Hey Golden Troops,

Today our AUSIA force logged onto CP for an AUSIA training session in which we did exceptionally well in – maxing 22 and averaging 20 throughout the event. With time our AUSIA division will be one of the strongest in CP armies, so well done Golden Troops! Don’t forget the Opening March on Half Pipe later on tonight! 


19 online


22 online

Max43810, Golden Troops Leader

[US] Late Night Training Results

MAX -18 || AVERAGE: 16

Hey Golden Troops,

Earlier today we all recruited hard and logged onto the 1-bar server Half Pipe for some late night US/CA training. We did exceptional and achieved the best sizes of this generation – a max of 18 and average of 16. We focused on tactics, which were really good because everyone was active on the chat. Well done GT, great event! Continue reading for the event pictures.


Max43810, Golden Troops Leader

[UK] Friday Event Results

MAX – 14 || AVERAGE – 12

Hey Golden Troops,

Today was our first scheduled UK/EURO event of the new generation and so we logged onto the 1-bar server Half Pipe with a great chat size of 17 troops. We did decent today, maxing 14 and averaging 12 penguins online. Our tactics were again decent and this event ran smoothly, so well done! Make sure to attend the opening March on Half Pipe tomorrow! Continue reading for the pictures.


14 online

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