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[UK] Successful Pre-Opening Training

MAX – 15 || AVERAGE – 13

Hey Golden Troops,

Today our UK/EURO force logged onto our capital server Half Pipe (1 bar) for a pre-opening training session. For the first event of this new generation we did very well, maxing 15 and averaging 13 troops throughout the event. Our tactics were great and the whole event had a great flow to it. Thank you for all those who attended this event, I hope we can continue to do well and aim for bigger sizes next time. Continue reading for the event pictures!


15 online

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Official Opening Event – March on Half Pipe

Have you seen us on Club Penguin? Click HERE to join!

Click HERE to visit our chat box and talk to fellow Golden Troops!

 March on Half Pipe  

Saturday, 8th of November

Server: Half Pipe || Room: Everywhere


7:00 PM UK

2:00 PM EST

1:00 PM CST

12:00 PM MST

11:00 AM PST

||Goal: 20+||


  • Promotions – will be released after the event.
  • Rare Club Penguin account.
  • Temporary moderators.
  • Temporary owners.
  • Xats and Days
  • Xat Powers

Next Saturday will mark a brand new age for the Golden Troops. While the countless of failed generations make many think our defeat is inevitable, we must stand strong and stay untied. Hard work and determination can to make this work.

~ Hell Will Be Unleashed ~

Moderator Applications

At large, the ownership has now been assembled and we are now looking for dedicated and loyal Moderators to fill up the ranks. As of now, we have three moderator ranks but we can easily add more if necessary. Please read the following guidelines before applying.

  • 4ic – Can only be in GT and must join the recruiting force, which means recruiting for 2 hours each day. 
  • 5ic – Can only be in the Golden Troops.
  • 6ic – Can only be in GT and one other army, with GT being the priority. 

Moderator Applications



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