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Hello everyone!

Hello, guys!

It’s been many years, and I’m sure many of you miss our moments together, heck, that’s probably how you’ve probably stumbled upon this dead site after all this time. 🙂

I made this post to announce that we will be opening a discord server for old peeps to come back and reunite with their old friends, it’s a simple chatting site, you click on a link and you’re prompted to choose an username and that’s pretty much it, if I remember this right at least!(i’m old now, don’t kill me)

Here is the link you will be needing to click to join the chatting server:


Thank you all for reading this! I hope you do decide to join the discord, I will be waiting there.


Site Restoration Progress

Jerry Edit (10/8/2017): Whoops, college started and my free time disappeared. I’ll pick up where I left off once summer rolls around soon. 

On the off chance that someone comes across this post, this is where I’ll keep track of the site restoration effort.

(The restored posts will include GW history since this site was originally used by GW. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way yet to restore CPSS posts so that army history might be gone forever. I won’t be putting CPST posts here either, partly because most of the site was deleted but mostly because this should be restricted to GT, GW history. If I find a way to restore CPST posts, I’ll link that to a different site.)

Posts: 22.5% – Restored posts up to June 2010 – (Updated on 6/3/17)

Pages: -Not started-

Other: -Not started-

Once the restoration is finished, there’ll most likely be no more new posts on this site.

– Jerry


The first meet up is today at 3 EST / 8 UK



Site Restoration

Since the site has been deleted, defaced, torn down and burnt up quite a few times throughout the generations, we’ve lost a few posts and the memories along with them. I feel that we need to honor this army by restoring the site as much as possible. Once I have enough free time, I’ll work on bringing back the old posts, all the declarations of war, the speeches, the retirements, the very same posts that consumed the entirety of my childhood. If we can’t continue the army, then the least we can do is to leave a proper memorial to the childhood group we cherish.

If any trusted old GT member wants to help out with this task, comment and I’ll set up some system to communicate with you.



Jerry: The reunion was successful! Some of us will be hanging around chat until the last day of CP, so stop by if you want to go through old memories.

Location: xat.com/GTofCP

Riotors: *Comment at bottom of post*

Hello, Golden Troops!

It’s now been more than 2 years since I have published anything on this website, and it feels so strange to return here. Do you want to know what’s even stranger? I feel like I’ve last posted something on here yesterday, not years. Life is passing so quickly, and we are all growing up, becoming.. adults.

As most of you have probably heard, Club Penguin is closing on March 29th, 2017, which is almost exactly a month from now. I can’t help but think, after so many years spent together here, and all we have accomplished together, that you guys want to meet up for one last time?  We’ve had so much fun here together, and made so many friends, that I feel like we should meet and catch up on how things went for each of us! After all, when CP does finally close, we won’t ever be able to be the Golden Troops of CP again.

You might have noticed I have chosen to greet you all as Golden Troops, even if the army has been dead for years now, and there has actually been a somewhat minimal contact between us. You might be wondering why? Because we will forever be the Golden Troops, no matter what happens, no matter how much time passes, all of us will remember how we spent a part of our childhood together in this community, how we battled, won, lost, laughed, cried, and most importantly, we made our mark on this community.

You know, there was actually nothing like us around here, we were the only place where we were all friends, it was like we were a family together. We were here to have fun, and that’s what we did. That’s what made us the best.

 I believe it’s the best if we meet once, on a weekend, and then another time the day it actually ends. So, these are the times and where we’re going to meet.

MARCH 25TH, 2017

Time: 1 PM PST, 2PM MST, 3 PM CST, 4 PM EST, 8 PM GMT

Location: xat.com/GTofCP

NOTE: You can come online earlier, and leave anytime. I’ll keep the chat up with notifications on the whole day and wait for people to come! The times suggested are just for when we should all be online and see each other so nobody misses nobody around!

March 29th, 2017

This is the day it actually closes. Due to not knowing when exactly CP is planning to close their servers,  I will not announce any exact times, however, they should be the same as in the other meeting, so that both people who are in the US timezone and in Europe can meet each other.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if there are people who want to come to the reunion but can’t make it, please contact me. I hope word will spread around and people will see this.


Riotors: What a wonderful idea by a very wise friend!  No matter where our lives take us, the Golden Troops truly are one big family.  This army and all of its members over the years will always hold a special place in my heart.  The Golden Troops have certainly shaped my life for the better.  Please do your best to attend and I will do my best as well.  Regardless of Club Penguin closing, I believe occasional reunions via xat are an excellent idea.

Golden Troops



Revival? That’s a possibility.

GT Will Not Be Returning for the Summer of ’15

Do not take this post wrong and do not assume anything.

No information will be stated, just fill out this form.


Relation to GT:

Summer return, Yes or no?

Thank you all, and may Golden Troops live in our hearts and our memories forever.

-Riotors (GT former leader/creator, SMAC CEO)