• Welcome to the official Golden Troops of Club Penguin! We are a legendary CP Army that has been operating and protecting Club Penguin for many years! Join today and attend battles and fun events!

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Training Event

Hello Golden Troops! Yesterday we logged on to Yukon for a tactics training event! We did even better than our last event maxing 13! Be on the lookout for our next event, not only will it be a coins event, but we might invade a server having both half pipe and a extra server! Also shoutouts to legendary GT Leader Sercan for logging off of wow and making a cpo account just for this event lol.

Max 13

lol sercan’s like “wait what”
serc’s confusion intensifies loool. love ya serc

-GT Leader, TheMightyA

War Server Free For All Tournament

Hi Golden Troops! Today we logged on Yukon for a army league wide free for all! We did amazing with a max of 9! Keep it up GT!

Max 9

-GT Leader, TheMightyA

Return of the Golden Troops

Yesterday we logged on to Yukon in Club Penguin Online for our official return event, we did a amazing job maxing 13 with clean tactics. Thank you to everyone who came and be sure to come to our next event, it’ll be a coin event!

Max 13


-GT Leader, TheMightyA

Site Restoration

Since the site has been deleted, defaced, torn down and burnt up quite a few times throughout the generations, we’ve lost a few posts and the memories along with them. I feel that we need to honor this army by restoring the site as much as possible. Once I have enough free time, I’ll work on bringing back the old posts, all the declarations of war, the speeches, the retirements, the very same posts that consumed the entirety of my childhood. If we can’t continue the army, then the least we can do is to leave a proper memorial to the childhood group we cherish.

If any trusted old GT member wants to help out with this task, comment and I’ll set up some system to communicate with you.


Golden Troops



Revival? That’s a possibility.

GT Will Not Be Returning for the Summer of ’15

Do not take this post wrong and do not assume anything.

No information will be stated, just fill out this form.


Relation to GT:

Summer return, Yes or no?

Thank you all, and may Golden Troops live in our hearts and our memories forever.

-Riotors (GT former leader/creator, SMAC CEO)

Practice Battle With Ice Warriors[Today]

Get on chat and cp now!

Edit moved to bottom. And new header, thanks matt!Also, small, less laggy chat on gwarmy.com/chat!



Hey Guys!
Ruggy PC’d me asking for a PB with us, most likely on account of the latest Top 10.
Here’s the info:

Practice Battle With Ice Warriors

When: Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Where: Thermal, Snow Forts, Xat.com/TheGT

Times: 12 PM PST

1) 45 Minute Maximum
2) No Bots
3) No Allies

Now, not to insult Ganger, but with these battles, he always says there will be hell unleashed and gives a dramatic speech and threatens to demote. But y’know what, guys? I don’t think most owners realize that saying things like that gets the troops angry, and gives them reason to want to rebel. So, I won’t do any of that, but I will still say something.

A lot of you, mainly those from CPST, know that I was one of, if not THE first leader to form an army that actually listened to every troops needs. I think that’s why CPST got so big, because people were listened to there, no matter what rank. So I know how to get people to listen, and to feel good, but at the same time, fight. Listen guys, after this battle, which will end at 3:45 EST at the LATEST, I am scheduling a celebration party. Not just to celebrate the battle, even if we lose, but to celebrate you, my friends. Since this merge, we have done so much together, and now, we are on the cusp of being ranked Number 1 army for the first time in this armies’ HISTORY. Do you know how proud that makes me feel to be leader? So, as a big thank you from me, not the other leaders as much, me in particular, here’s the info for the after-party:

Troop Appreciation Party

When: Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Where: Sklooperis’ Igloo, Mammoth Map

Times: 1 PM PST

“But Skloop, why would I come to the battle?”. Well, now afterwards, we will have a party, and during that party, I am going to be making a toast to each and every one of you there, IF you made the battle before hand. So, if you make the IW battle, and are at the party, I will toast you for your efforts, and say something nice. This isny exactly a good prize, but it isn’t meant to be, but it is very important to me that you all feel good about the hard work you put in to staying active.

That’s about it. If you don’t make the battle, no demotion, but shame on you.

Good Luck!
~Dr. Skloop~

Riotors Edit (to Icey): Icy claims that since they got 18 at a practice battle, they now deserve the number 2 spot….wrong. Nachos and Gt are way over the 30 at a battle spot. Acp aren’t far behind, they just had a bad practice battle.

The top 10 should be

  1. Nachos
  2. Gt
  3. Acp
  4. Iw

Now icey, stop complaining about the top 10 since Iw was ranked 4. You should be lucky Las even ranked you that high so instead of complaining, you should be thankful.

Icey, look at the following pictures and compare them to your size. These were all recent events.





Yes they are not all 40+, but they are sure as hell bigger than 18-22 like in your picture. So before you start “guessing” that other armies are smaller than yours, you should look at their size.

~Hell will be unleashed~

Riotors: Well skloop, Tomb is currently making us a pimped out header. It cost me some xats so you owe me :P. Anyways he said it should be done by at least sunday.

Thanks again Tomb.

Our Best Point

I’m sure you are all in boredom with out a war. That’s why I’m here to relieve your boredom. I have an antidote. It’s called War. Lately we’ve been doing Training Session’s, Recruiting Session’s and YouLead sessions. Well, I have a new idea. We’re going to war with one of the following armies, but I need you guys to vote. Your vote will be the answer to the question. Make sure that your wise in your choices!

ACP(Army of Club Penguin)


Ice Warriors

It’s your vote! This war will show that the Golden Troops are NOT falling, we are not dead, and we are still shining..


-Vote now!

~Hell will be unleashed


P.S: If you are in the Golden Troops, we REALLY want you to vote. So please participate and vote on this post!

Golden Troops YouTube — Hiring —

This is Ganger here! I’m starting the Golden Troops YouTube. A few soldiers requested it, so now I’m going to be officially opening the GT YouTube! The Golden Troops YouTube will make GT-based movies, also recording any events and much, much more! Answer the following to be apart of the Golden Troops YouTube Crew! Please, note that in each sign-up your signing up for a CERTAIN position. Thanks for your participation!

1. Graphic Manager

What is your CP username?

What’s your rank in the Golden Troops?

What will contribute to GT’s youtube?

Give me a picture of one of your recent GFX pictures

2. Video Graphic Manager

What video-editting system do you have?

What’s your CP username?

What is your rank in GT?

What will you contribute to the Golden Troops YouTube?

3. Video Manager

Sign-ups for the “Video Manager” position will not be held. The position has already been taken and owned by Ganger90.

If you want to be apart of the Golden Troops YouTube Staff, comment on this post! We will have 3 of each position! From the stats this site gets, you have a 75% chance of getting the job! Better than “No idea”. Good luck!

-Hell will be unleashed


YouLead Sessions (TODAY)

Jerry: Congratulations Gt! 100,000 views so far! That truly is a landmark! Expect a party soon!

When: Monday- Memorial Day –

Where: Matternhorn Room: All Over

Why: To let our soldiers get a chance to lead and honor the USA Troops who fought.


  • 10:00 PST-6:00 PST
  • 11:00 MST- 7:00 MST
  • 12:00 CST- 8:00 CST
  • 1:00 EST- 9:00 EST
  • 6:00 UK-8:00 UK(Rest is not attendable, unless you make it that way for yourself)

❗ 100th Comment gets a Prize from Ganger90! ❗

Ganger90 Edit: Guys, 13 comments? We need more comments than this. We’re the 3rd largest army, we should be getting at least 30 comments on this post. Get commenting!

Riotors Edit: All pictures from the recruiting and training will be added soon. If you are yet to sign the division sign ups do so now on the post below.

We are going to be having some YouLead sessions next week(the start of June). If you do not know what a YouLead session is yet, I’ll introduce you to one. A YouLead session is where the soldiers lead the whole battle. The leaders will watch patiently, testing your leading skills. 3ics and under can lead a YouLead session. I also have some scheduled times of who will be leading this event. Note: (If any of the following cannot make the YouLead session, please comment so for we can replace you.)


(Main person leading) Gill11097

(Second in command) Jim430




Goh Laser(Yabjees)

(Enlisted: Soldiers:

Lotus In Red

Dino2287(Remy 99)





The following enlisted will be involved in the YouLead session that is going to be scheduled below. Again, if you cannot make it, please notify me on chat or any other time I can be reached, so I can immediately replace you.

YouLead Session

When: Monday- Memorial Day –

Where: Matternhorn Room: All Over

Why: To let our soldiers get a chance to lead and honor the USA Troops who fought.


  • 10:00 PST-6:00 PST
  • 11:00 MST- 7:00 MST
  • 12:00 CST- 8:00 CST
  • 1:00 EST- 9:00 EST
  • 6:00 UK-8:00 UK(Rest is not attendable, unless you make it that way for yourself)

Now, I’m sure your wondering what I mean by “10:00 PST-6:00 PST”, but here’s what I mean. We’re going to do seperate YouLead sessions all day on Monday. We will be taking some short breaks, that vary between 30 minutes and 60 minutes(1 hour). This way, we will definitely get the appointed YouLead session leaders and possibly maybe even some new leaders for the YouLead sessions. Comment about how you think about the idea and make sure to say if you can make it or not!

❗ Comment if you can make it! ❗

-Hell will be unleashed