• Welcome to GT!

    On this website you will find the times and location of where the Golden Troops meet up on Club Penguin. If you need help, go to our official Discord chat here > GT Discord Check the website daily for new information, battle results and other cool stuff from CP!
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Join The Golden Troops

To join Golden Troops, just answer the questions below.


Join Application:

Only submit your form ONCE! If it doesn’t say it has been submitted after you have clicked the button, refresh and try again. 


Chat Box:

The Golden Troops chat box is an xat chat which is moderated 24/7. We have a team of owners and moderators that are there too keep you safe and keep an eye on those breaking the chat rules.


Click here to view Fullscreen version of our chat box

Once you have signed in, change your name to your club penguin name and enter “[GT]” in your name so you can officially become a Golden Troop!


Remember to go to this website everyday and attend as many battles as you possibly can. Attending battles means you can receive a promotions at the end of every month.


23 Responses

  1. how do you play

    • You have to send a join application on this page and then come to xat.com/GoldenTroops to talk to fellow troops. At scheduled events we log onto Club Penguin and battle other armies. Hope this helped. 🙂

  2. i really wat to join guys

  3. Welcome, to the Golden Troops. You have to send an application then come to xat.com/goldentroops. We will give you your rank. Atscheduled events we log onto Club Penguin and battle other armies. Hope this helped. 🙂

  4. I’ll try to come if my sister isn’t on the computer.

  5. just saying the first word in your slowgin is a swear word please change it

  6. Hi people

  7. At

  8. Hey

  9. Guys guess what?

  10. I advertised! 🙂

  11. Thx guys for your support! You’ve helped golden troops a lot! 😀

  12. Start advertising guys! Let’s not give up! We need more people!

  13. Hi everyone!

  14. Hey guys im new whens the next battle?

  15. HEY guys im new whens the next battle?btw blue owned u guys in march madness

  16. Good who wants to rate this? 😀

  17. im gonna need u guys to help me plz this is the first time im in these clubs because i never do these type of things if u do i will lead u to victory ps i join 2 different teams so plus this one 3


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