• Welcome to the official Golden Troops of Club Penguin! We are a legendary CP Army that has been operating and protecting Club Penguin for many years! Join today and attend battles and fun events!

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[The following leaders of the Sun Troops and the Golden Warriors were their leaders before the merge, creating Golden Troops].

Golden Warriors Leaders

Saiyaman Xc: GW leader and Creator

Flipper: GW Leader and Creator

Riotors: GW Leader and Creator

Zelmania: GW Leader and Creator

Swimmy Blue: GW Leader

Club Penguin Sun Troopers Leaders

Sklooperis: CPST Leader and Creator

Hampton4life: CPST Leader and Creator

Jerry2cool: CPST Leader

Chuckisthe2: CPST Leader

Ganger90: CPST Leader

Wenny123abc: CPST Leader

Mobius: CPST Leader

[The following leaders are the leaders of the Golden Troops after the merge of the two armies].

Golden Troops Leaders

* = Indicates Current Leaders

  1. Ganger90
  2. Flipper7706
  3. Saiyaman Xc
  4. Sklooperis
  5. Riotors
  6. Swimmy Blue
  7. Wiggle
  8. Sercan 44444
  9. Jerry2Cool
  10. Chuckisthe2
  11. 123nico26
  12. Godplaya123
  13. Ganger 90 (2)
  14. Jerry2cool (2)
  15. Riotors (2)
  16. Sercan 44444(2)
  17. Flipper7706 (2)
  18. Adster
  19. Jerry2cool (3)
  20. Sercan 44444 (3)
  21. Ganger 90 (3)
  22. Riotors (3)
  23. Np3000
  24. Billy Mays
  25. Tap Dancer36
  26. Surferboysc
  27. Mikester
  28. Khimo
  29. Jerry2cool (4)
  30. Sercan 44444 (4)
  31. Tap Dancer36 (2)
  32. Ganger90(4)
  33. Mchappy (Icey Cold27)
  34. Wgfv
  35. Nic
  36. Tap Dancer36 (3)
  37. Lord Pain
  38. Ganger90 (5)
  39. Jerry2cool (5)
  40. Surfersboysc (2)
  41. Mikester (2)
  42. Bluesockwa1
  43. Bluesockwa2
  44. Fadsa
  45. Tap Dancer36 (4)
  46. Albaro Lord
  47. Ederan
  48. Fort59
  49. Houndy
  50. Riotors (4)
  51. Tap Dancer36 (5)
  52. Wenny123abc
  53. Surferboysc (3) 
  54. Jerry2cool (6)
  55. Sercan 44444 (5) 
  56. Tempah 
  57. Sidie9/Vex 
  58. Rjse1
  59. Vivek 
  60. Spi101 
  61. Dinesh
  62. Zakster
  63. Rishron 
  64. Hulk
  65. Stromae
  66. Lord Jay
  67. Supa Em
  68. Chuckisthe2 (2)
  69. Max
  70. *TheMightyA
  71. Satchmo
  72. *Fluffy<3
  73. PurpleFlaw
  74. *Aggiepie

Golden Troops Legends

The following troops have spent their time in the ranks of the Golden Troops, and have done what most troops have not. They have been dedicated throughout their career in this army, and we recognise them on this list. These people are to be moderator on chat at all times. We, the Golden Troops, would like to thank these Legends for their hard work and service.

*List updated*

  • Cheezepleeze
  • Tristin
  • Octavian123
  • Purpleslime4
  • Boofgall1
  • Kali99
  • Turwig
  • Teigan
  • Chuckisthe2

All the above soldiers are rewarded with the “Medal Of Honor” for their outstanding work and effort in creating GT into a stronger army.

Hall of Shame

Those who are on the hall of shame have committed an act of crime against the Golden Troops nation. Their names are to remain on this page to show the community their actions. Their status on whether they are able rejoin the Golden Troops are decided by the leaders, and are listed below.


On hall of shame for attempted hacking and deletion of GT site.

Status: Forgiven


Making a virus and IP snatcher as her homepage and telling people to click it multiple times, and leaving GT for stupid reasons.

Status: Banished


Hacking site and a couple of high ranking owners.

Status: Banished

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  1. There should be a section for troops.


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