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Official Opening Event – March on Half Pipe

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 March on Half Pipe  

Saturday, 8th of November

Server: Half Pipe || Room: Everywhere


7:00 PM UK

2:00 PM EST

1:00 PM CST

12:00 PM MST

11:00 AM PST

||Goal: 20+||


  • Promotions – will be released after the event.
  • Rare Club Penguin account.
  • Temporary moderators.
  • Temporary owners.
  • Xats and Days
  • Xat Powers

Next Saturday will mark a brand new age for the Golden Troops. While the countless of failed generations make many think our defeat is inevitable, we must stand strong and stay untied. Hard work and determination can to make this work.

~ Hell Will Be Unleashed ~

Moderator Applications

At large, the ownership has now been assembled and we are now looking for dedicated and loyal Moderators to fill up the ranks. As of now, we have three moderator ranks but we can easily add more if necessary. Please read the following guidelines before applying.

  • 4ic – Can only be in GT and must join the recruiting force, which means recruiting for 2 hours each day. 
  • 5ic – Can only be in the Golden Troops.
  • 6ic – Can only be in GT and one other army, with GT being the priority. 

Moderator Applications



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The NEW Chat

>>> xat.com/GoldenTroops <<<

Meet the Leaders


❗ * NOTE* All other ranks have been chosen and will be released either this weekend or the beginning of next week.  When released, you may petition for a different rank and your petition will be taken into consideration.  However, please keep in mind that the ranks are based off the applications and there were a vast amount of highly qualified applicants.

There were a vast amount of well overly-qualified applicants.  This made it very hard to choose just three to be leader and even harder to narrow down the ranks.  After a few hours of trying to figure out how to do so, I finally narrowed down the applicants to just three leaders based on experience, potential, character, leadership qualities, and desire to succeed.  These are your new leaders.

Meet your Leaders:

Chuckisthe2 (Zyanid) – Most known for his role as creator/leader of HSA, Chuck has been chosen for a leadership role in the Golden Troops.  Chuckisthe2 is listed as a legend of both HSA and GT.  He has past leadership ranks in GT, DW, WW, CPST, UMA, Elites, and DCP.  Chuck is very qualified and has led numerous top armies countless times.  Chuck is known around the CP army community as an excellent leader, a wonderful person, and a great friend to his troops as well.  Chuck specializes in bringing dead armies back to large numbers.

Cody2143 – Cody is also very qualified, although not quite as qualified experience-wise as Chuck.  However, Cody has displayed great potential as a leader and holds wonderful leadership qualities which helps him to stick out amongst the crowd. Cody played a big part in leading the Shadow Troops to number 5 on CPAC and has held 2ic in many armies such as: DW, Nachos, Doritos, RPF, Swat, LT, and UMA.  Cody was a 4ic in AR and a former LIT in GT.

Max43810 – Max is best known for his leadership role in Pirates becoming the 3rd largest army and he is also listed as a Pirates legend.  Max also led UMA to the number 5 army and was inducted as a legend there too.  Along with this he was a Federation leader/legend obtaining 6th on CPAC and a Miners leader/legend obtaining 5th on CPAC.  Max is also known as a Pretzels leader, HSA UK leader, GT UK leader, ST UK leader, Nachos 3ic and UK division leader, WV 2ic, Doritos 2ic, IW 5ic, and a 4ic of many other armies including ACP, DW, WW, LT, and Ninjas.  Max is a qualified leader with great leadership potential, wonderful character, and would bring strength to the UK time zone of GT.

Please welcome these three.  They will be making a chat soon for the army and from here on out are in 100% complete control of the Golden Troops.  We will rise again.


A brand NEW Golden Troops | Leadership & Join Applications

*UPDATE*: Time is running out!  Sign up for a rank now!  Your rank will be messaged to you via the form of contact you provided.  IF you are chosen for leader, failure to reply to the form of contact we reach out to you will result in a loss of the leadership position and it will be given to the next soldier in line.  Please note that when we take into consideration the applicants, we do not choose based on experience alone.  It is one thing to lead a well known army, it is another to be a good leader during your leadership and to help make the army well known.  We are reviewing personality, experience, potential, character, desire for success, and other traits alike when reviewing leader applications.  There is a high number of applications, only 3 will be chosen for leader.  Just because you applied for a high rank does not guarantee a high rank.  We place a lot of thought into the applications, each and every rank is carefully chosen.  However, we are not perfect and do occasionally make mistakes, for this reason we will place a form where you can petition your given rank for a better one IF you believe it to be a mistake.  Halloween we will release the leadership ranks, and we may release more as well.  Stay tuned.

Riotors: GT will have a new chat.  The leaders will create the chat so that they are main owner on it.  The leaders will be main admin on the site.  The leaders will have TOTAL control over the army.  The Godfathers will not be advisors, will not be leaders, but will only look over the army from a distance.

Hello Golden Troops, 

Lord Pain and Supa Em is no longer leading the Golden Troops.  Golden Troops has NO leaders.  All ranks have been cleared.  GT is starting fresh once again.  If you want to lead the Golden Troops you must fill out the application below as well as a join form in the comments on this page.

Are you interested in leading the Golden Troops?  Follow the directions below:

1) KIK “Riotors” with your name, history, form of contact and experience.  (Preferred) 


2) Comment on this form with your join form shown below.  Say “leader” under the rank question.


3) Email goldentroopsmain@gmail.com with your name, history, form of contact and experience. 

I will choose three leaders based on the applications.  I will not be biased toward soldiers and friends whom I already know.  I will choose based solely on the applications.  You will have until Halloween to complete the applications.  If I  am unable to contact you and you were chosen, you will not receive your leadership rank. Halloween will be the announcement of the FIRST event of this NEW Golden Troops under new leadership to take place within the next week. 

FILL OUT THIS FORM TO JOIN GOLDEN TROOPS (leader applicants must fill it out also)

*NOTE* This form MUST be filled out by EVERYBODY who wants to be in the Golden Troops.  The ranks will be chosen based on experience, personality, and loyalty.  Ranks will be announced within the first week of November.  

1) What is your CP Username?

2) What rank do you think you deserve?

3) What is your past experience?

4) Will you remain loyal through thick and thin?

5) Have you been in GT before? If so what rank?

6) Do you have a KIK for quick contact? (not required)

7) If no to the previous question, do you have another form of contact?

8) Will you be completely active and place priority on GT?

9) Do you live in USA/CA, UK/EUR, AUS/Asia, or other (specify if other)?

All soldiers with this form submitted by October 31st will receive preference over soldiers who submit the form later regardless of name and experience.  All leader applicants who do not submit the join form also may be overlooked due to failure to follow instructions. 

Good luck GT.


Practice Battle With Ice Warriors[Today]

Get on chat and cp now!

Edit moved to bottom. And new header, thanks matt!Also, small, less laggy chat on gwarmy.com/chat!



Hey Guys!
Ruggy PC’d me asking for a PB with us, most likely on account of the latest Top 10.
Here’s the info:

Practice Battle With Ice Warriors

When: Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Where: Thermal, Snow Forts, Xat.com/TheGT

Times: 12 PM PST

1) 45 Minute Maximum
2) No Bots
3) No Allies

Now, not to insult Ganger, but with these battles, he always says there will be hell unleashed and gives a dramatic speech and threatens to demote. But y’know what, guys? I don’t think most owners realize that saying things like that gets the troops angry, and gives them reason to want to rebel. So, I won’t do any of that, but I will still say something.

A lot of you, mainly those from CPST, know that I was one of, if not THE first leader to form an army that actually listened to every troops needs. I think that’s why CPST got so big, because people were listened to there, no matter what rank. So I know how to get people to listen, and to feel good, but at the same time, fight. Listen guys, after this battle, which will end at 3:45 EST at the LATEST, I am scheduling a celebration party. Not just to celebrate the battle, even if we lose, but to celebrate you, my friends. Since this merge, we have done so much together, and now, we are on the cusp of being ranked Number 1 army for the first time in this armies’ HISTORY. Do you know how proud that makes me feel to be leader? So, as a big thank you from me, not the other leaders as much, me in particular, here’s the info for the after-party:

Troop Appreciation Party

When: Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Where: Sklooperis’ Igloo, Mammoth Map

Times: 1 PM PST

“But Skloop, why would I come to the battle?”. Well, now afterwards, we will have a party, and during that party, I am going to be making a toast to each and every one of you there, IF you made the battle before hand. So, if you make the IW battle, and are at the party, I will toast you for your efforts, and say something nice. This isny exactly a good prize, but it isn’t meant to be, but it is very important to me that you all feel good about the hard work you put in to staying active.

That’s about it. If you don’t make the battle, no demotion, but shame on you.

Good Luck!
~Dr. Skloop~

Riotors Edit (to Icey): Icy claims that since they got 18 at a practice battle, they now deserve the number 2 spot….wrong. Nachos and Gt are way over the 30 at a battle spot. Acp aren’t far behind, they just had a bad practice battle.

The top 10 should be

  1. Nachos
  2. Gt
  3. Acp
  4. Iw

Now icey, stop complaining about the top 10 since Iw was ranked 4. You should be lucky Las even ranked you that high so instead of complaining, you should be thankful.

Icey, look at the following pictures and compare them to your size. These were all recent events.





Yes they are not all 40+, but they are sure as hell bigger than 18-22 like in your picture. So before you start “guessing” that other armies are smaller than yours, you should look at their size.

~Hell will be unleashed~

Riotors: Well skloop, Tomb is currently making us a pimped out header. It cost me some xats so you owe me :P. Anyways he said it should be done by at least sunday.

Thanks again Tomb.